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My colourful life!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Liyana Hanim

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Tuesday, 25-Apr-2006 03:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Persuasive Speech!!!!

Me & Mak(Farhana).Awwww...
Frm left:Mak,me,Izza,Yaya&Anis..The persuasive speakers!
All red!!me with Yaya & our beloved lecturer Ms.Salliza.
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Our final assignment for L&S class is Persuasive Speech.And all of my classmates was getting jittery about it since our drama night has just ended so some of us(Like me!) weren't really prepared for it.But nonetheless everybody did a good job and it was fun dressing up for the occasion since how you present yourself during the speech is counted as marks too.So I decided to go with red,the color that commands attention for my final presentation and I chose the topic `Positive Thinking`.Here are some of the pictures that I took and that my friends took during that day.

Monday, 24-Apr-2006 18:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pre-TESL party!!!!!!!!!!!!!& FUTSAL!!

RED TEAM/ORANGE because Syameer didn't wear a red shirt!
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Initially,Izza,Nad & me wanted to plan a surprise party for all of our classmates and to invite the senior guys that has helped during our drama night.But since we were a little but low in funds,we ask Zack & Ateff in too.And since AD mentioned that he wanted to give us chicken wings on Friday night,we thought why not combined it together and we asked him to keep it low as we don't want our friends to find out.So me and my 4 other friends chipped in with our money.Izza & Nad chipped in the most since I was low in funds. But I did organize the lame but it was kinda cool in the end games. .We ordered,12 pizzas from DOMINOS,the chicken wings from AD & Vanilla coke+coke (Zack's idea),complete the low key get together.Basically our aim for that party was to have a night whereby all of us can get together and just enjoy each other's company since next semester we might not be in the same class. Also we wanted to have fun!That is why everybody received invitations whereby they had to wear a specific color of clothing.There were 5 groups!Blue,purple,red,green & white(my team& we won!!).We played pass the music box--hahaha!!!some of our seniors antics makes me laugh until 2day!!--where Syameer had to flirt with Izzat,Hamzah had to dance to dangdut(tat was cool!! ).And then we played Charades where everyone got competitive and it was fun guessing names of movies & songs.My team consist of me,Yaya,Yumm,Mak,Ad&Arief.We were tied with Purple team which consist of Izza,Azzam,Hamzah,Rafaei,Hemy& Tatie.We won when Yumm guessed the movie Forrest Gump!!! .After that we all sat in a circle and confessed how we felt over the semester and what we wish would happen next semester.After all the clean up was done.As our seniors went home,my classmates and I hugged each other and we said sorry to each other,confessed our true feelings and many tears came pouring down!! The next morning all of us had to wake up around 7.30 am after sleeping late because we went to play Futsal at Sports Planet !!!Our Pre-TESL futsal match!!!It was a beautiful and drowsy morning.All of us took a cab from our college to the Sports Planet(kaya pakcik2 taxi ituuu!).Around 8 am all of us were there since Hemy had warned us to be there early BUT,the place open late!!It opened around 9am something!Man,I could have continued with my sleep! We played and played.My shoe came flying during one round then my friends shoes followed too .We played for 3 rounds.First round it was girls & boys mixing into 2 teams.My team was VESPA & the other is A A A MENANG!Sadly for the other team,their name did nothing for em!!VESPA won 2 rounds and the other round we were tied.My guy classmates said that I am a great central defender and that I played like that Arsenal guy Sol Campbell. I almost did injured Hemy's foot in one round but I missed and 2 of my gurls from the other team fell down because of me .It was soooo much fun but I did hurt my big toenail on my left foot because I kicked the ball wrong during one of the rounds.It still has a blood mark until today!!!

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Pre-TESL drama nite!!!!!!!!!

Grease lightning-Fullstop's drama sequence.
Me frm Round Table & Izza frm Fullstop!
The actresses of Round Table!
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After almost 2 months of preparation,we the class of PI020 05/06 managed to stage our drama at INTEC hall!!!!!!!
I was in the Roundtable Inc group as our class was divided into 2 groups ny our beloved lecturer,Ms.Salliza.The othe group is the Fullstop Inc.I wrote the script for OVERTURE with the help of Ad(our very helpful senior) and my other group members.I also played Dorothy ,the 2nd daughter as everyone is required to act!It was a tiring process and we never thought it would be hard but all in all we did enoy all of it.Now our nights are empty after having spent weeks practicing from 8pm to 11pm everynight!After countless of practice,props making,money spent,arguments,helps from our seniors,we manage to finish it!The gorge posters that Izza,me,Yumm,Hafriz & Ateff did for our groups,looked amazing.The flyers that Izza & me did came out great.Two production from our class,The Round Table Inc. with OVERTURE and FullStop Inc. with CHOCA-LOCA!!Thanks a LOT to our senior guys who have helped us along the way!! To muh beloved friends--- WE DID IT!!!!

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Before take off!Pretty gurls in a row...
Me with Syud & Mak in the bus!
Me & Izza at KLPAC
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My friends and I went to KLPAC to watch the drama HOMECOMING by Gavin Yap.He was a wee bit jittery and snobbish at first probably because he was ambushed by a group of giggly girls(my friends ok!!).But as I was busy taking pics of my friends with Gavin Yap that somehow I didn't take pics of myself with him!!!waaaaaaaaaa!Izza was mad that night because she was hoping agaisnt hope that Joe Hasham would be there! .As I love taking pics,it was a pity we couldn't wait long enough so that I would be able to take picture with the entire cast,as our UiTM bus was waiting for us.To drown our sorrows(Izza mostly),we went to Al-Awaal and had supper until about 12.30 a.m that the guys had to sneak us into Cemara using the secret hideaway(hahahah!!) so that we wouldn't get caught by the Pak Guard!

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Actors Studio Workshop at Taylors

All of us after the workshop was about to end......
Me & my director!
Me & Izza at Taylors
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A few of my classmates and I went to Taylors to learn more about performing arts because we were in the midst of producing our drama for our Language & Drama class.We learned a few valuable lessons and some great advice from Joe Hasham & Faridah Merican.It was a good experience!

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